Are Online Gambling Covered By Law

There’s been much talk about banning gambling online, and people fear they could be prosecuted for making online bets. A 2006 law prohibited banks from exchanging funds with betting and offshore casino gaming sites, and several states have passed laws banning online gambling altogether. Yet the 2006 law doesn’t actually go after individuals, and people don’t always know if this pastime is banned by their own state. So even though they can often still visit the websites, people aren’t sure what will happen if they try to place a bet.

What will happen if someone places an online bet? According to the site, nothing will happen. No individual has ever been prosecuted for doing so. Even the 2006 law was aimed at banks, not individual bettors. So if a person finds a way to get their funds to their favorite offshore betting site, they can carry on. Michael Bluejay, writing at the site in 2007 following passage of the law, said Americans are going to continue online gambling and nobody is likely to stop them, law or not.

However, don’t rush to place your online bets just yet. The legal minds at have a different interpretation. For one thing, this government attempt to block the cash flow between American citizens and any internet gambling site is comprehensive. Not just banks could be penalized, but any employee of the gambling sites themselves, right down to the mail clerk. That definitely puts a damper on the enthusiasm of sites to take bets in the first place.

Will things stay this way? For many gamblers, placing online bets merely got more complicated, but is by no means impossible. It’s not hard to set up workarounds, and according to some sources, Americans accomplished almost eight billion dollars worth of workarounds in 2009 alone. For this and many other reasons, a total ban against participating in casino games at offshore sites may end up being as effective as a ban against drugs. In other words, not very. This is why some American legislators are now attempting to revamp the law, not to ban online gambling, but to regulate and tax it instead.

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