Asia Film Release Expected to Increase Number of Online Poker Players Benefitting from Rakeback

Asia is about to go poker crazy as a new movie has just premiered in Hong Kong that will be sure to take the cinemas by storm. Texas Hold’em Poker already seems to be seeing a worldwide increase in competitors and is bound to increase its popularity through the movie release.

The story is based in Asia and is all about two poker playing rivals who are competing in the same competition for the title.

The film was shot in the well known Asian casino capital of Macau and already it has caused quite a stir due to the number of players arriving in the city during the APT Macau Festival last August while the film was being shot. The film had plenty of willing extras as poker players flocked to the shoot to try to get a place in the film.

Texas Hold‘em has already seen an increase in popularity thanks to the world of online gaming where players can compete from all over the globe. Now it looks like it is about to have a huge impact on the poker scene in Hong Kong and other Asian cities.

The premier of the film was well attended by an audience full of famous people along with the stars of the show Louis Koo and Lau Ching-Wan. Actor Louis Koo said, “This game is very popular in the West. It seems it is only now just starting to develop in Asia. I had to learn mannerisms and skills from players outside Hong Kong.”

We can’t wait for this film to be released in the West so we can have the chance to catch up with it. It will be curious to see how the game is received by the Eastern players as it is such a relatively new game to them!

I wonder how long it will be before the Eastern players catch up with us Westerners with playing online party poker rakeback and PKR Poker Rakeback?.  I bet they can’t wait to get their hands on some brilliant rakeback deals.