Basic Strategy for Blackjack – Excellent Advice Uncovered

If you are a newbie to Blackjack you are best of to start by studying the basic strategy for Blackjack and also get a correct Blackjack strategy card, to keep near your PC when gambling online.

Players have toyed with different approaches with varying degrees of success for many years by a wide variety of players. Sometimes all it takes is to understand and follow a handful of basic tips and you can greatly improve your chances of winning. Before you start though you need to be sure you understand the rules of Blackjack, but take a look at some of the more common betting strategies.

By far the most famous strategy is that of card counting, but you will not be permitted to bet if a casino discovers you are using it. Card counting requires that you memorize the cards as they are shown, which allows you to have a better idea of the cards likely to appear. If you know what cards are left in the deck you can bet accordingly.

Once you visit a casino you’ll learn quickly that any type of counting or recordkeeping is strictly off limits. However, if you’re one of the lucky once that can remember all the cards, then see how far you can get before the casinos find out! Of course, online casinos can’t tell if you are keeping track of cards, and you can better your odds.

You need to make sure you are keenly aware of the rules of the game, because even the slightest difference can impact your odds. For example, some casinos do not permit you to split your hand when you get two of the same card. Being permitted to split can give you a real chance to parlay your money into bigger wins, but if not you are unlikely to be able to generate a comfortable sum.

Another rule which is found in most casinos requires the dealer to stand on 17, this is a very good thing as far as you’re concerned. When the dealer is allowed to continue past 17, your odds are much lower. These are just two cases in point where the slight variation in rulings can significantly decrease your odds of winning.

But what about the betting itself – are there things you can take into consideration when it comes to how and when to bet? There are wagering methods that you can use, and it makes good sense to choose one you like and stick with it for the best chance. You will find a lot of different techniques but, the Martingale and Paroli and perhaps the best known.

Many Blackjack systems have little in common, and this couple couldn’t be more different since they take totally different perspectives. If you lose a hand under Martingale, you bet double the amount on the next hand, if you win a hand you revert to your original wager. On the contrary, you double your bet on a win with Paroli, only returning to the initial stake for a losing round. Paroli is focused on trying to exploit winning streaks and Martingale is geared towards beating losing streaks. Both systems have some flaws. If using Martingale a big bankroll is needed. If you begin by betting and you lose 7 hands in a row for a combined loss of $1270  the system now dictates you bet $1280 on the eight hand! Paroli doesn’t require a big bankroll. Letting your initial bet be   and loosing seven straight hands you will only have lost total.

A third Blackjack betting strategy is the Parlay system which is similar the Paroli system but slightly more subtle. Parlay is based on gradually increasing your bet, if you win the hand, the next stake should be the original amount plus a percentage of the amount won.

Other hand tools to have on hand when you are playing Blackjack is an odds calculator or a scorecard. Using these calculators you can keep track of the cards that have been played, and computes the likelihood of subsequent cards, takes the cards you are holding into account. Having access to odds and probabilities can guide you in what moves to make.

Obviously these strategies can only be used for Internet Blackjack. You shouldn’t even try to bring a calculator or scorecard into a live game. You would very likely be ejected! Clearly online casinos provide you with a real advantage in terms of applying both betting and playing systems to full effect.

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