Beat The Lottery Odds With Lottery Wheels

Lottery wheels are about getting certain numbers and using those numbers to create all the possible combinations to win the lottery. It is basically about playing all the possible lotto combinations from a selected pool of numbers.

You are not playing from the entire range of numbers, but instead from a minimized range of numbers. So, there are two different types of lottery wheels. The first is called full wheels. The second is called abbreviated wheels.

Full wheels allow you to win the big jackpot. A full wheel lottery system offers every combination from whatever the chosen group of numbers is. This system is better if you are playing the lottery as part of a large syndicate.

The downside of a full lottery wheel is that it requires you to play a lot of tickets. In order to have a good chance at winning the big jackpot, thousands of tickets will likely need to be purchased.

Abbreviated wheels work on the same principle as full lottery wheels, just on a smaller scale. The great thing about abbreviated wheels are that they offer a realistic chance to win one of the smaller, but still significant, prizes.

If you are an individual player, than this perfect for you. The good news is that it comes with a guarantee. This guarantee will be for a minimum of one drawn winning ticket.

I have had success using both the abbreviated lottery wheel and the full lottery wheel, so I can say from experience that both work. I can also say that the abbreviated wheel seems to work best, and is my preferred choice.

So, the next time you play the lottery, don’t just pick any random numbers, because that is how 99% play the lotto. The people who win consistently are the ones who are using a system, and one of the most popular systems is lottery wheels.


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