Blackjack Betting Strategies: Excellent Tricks Uncovered

When you are new to Blackjack you really must begin by studying the basic strategy for Blackjack and by obtaining a copy of a correct Blackjack strategy card, to keep close to you when playing online.

There are a number of Blackjack betting strategies used by both professionals and amateurs across the world. You can probably greatly improve your chances just by learning a few primary techniques and you can start to see immediate results. Before you start though you need to be sure you understand the rules of Blackjack, but let’s look at some strategies you can follow.

We normally think of counting cards when we think of Blackjack strategies, although today virtually all casinos will prevent you from doing this. To use this method you must memorize which cards have been played, so that you can determine which cards are more likely to turn up. Card counting helps you eliminate possibilities, helps you use the odds to your advantage.

Casinos will prohibit you from keeping track by hand of the cards have already been played. Having said that, if you are one of talented enough to keep mental track of a couple of decks of cards, why not give it a try! If memorizing a full deck is beyond your ability, you can certainly try using it with Internet Blackjack, maintaining a record of the cards that have been dealt.

Surprisingly, we find different game rules applied at different casinos, and this can greatly affect your odds of winning. For example, you may find that a casino doesn’t allow for splitting hands. Having the opportunity to split your hand can help you win big, but if not then the odds are against you.

Most casinos, including online casinos, require that the dealer stand at 17. You’ll have a much harder time winning if the dealer isn’t under the hold at 17 restriction. These are just two cases in point where the slight variation in rulings can significantly decrease your odds of winning.

But what about the betting itself – are there any strategies when it comes to deciding how much to bet, and when? There are many different Blackjack betting techniques out there, and you look carefully at a number of them before deciding to adopt one. Of the many wagering techniques followed, probably the most widely adopted are the Martingale and Paroli systems.

As far as Blackjack betting strategies are concerned, these two systems are completely opposite to each other. Under one system, you a lost hand means you double the wager, and revert to the original wager if you win. Contrasted with Martingale in which wagers double on a loss, you increase the bet with a win using Paroli. Paroli is all about trying to exploit winning streaks while the Martingale system is focused on breaking losing streaks. Both systems have some flaws. When using Martingale you must have a lot of money to gamble with. If you begin with a $10 bet and then lose 7 hands back to back for a total loss of $1270  you now need to bet $1280 on the 8. hand! Paroli requires a much smaller bankroll. Starting with $10  and loosing 7 rounds back to back will only cost you $70.

The Parlay approach is another Blackjack system that is not unlike Paroli but somewhat more conservative. This system works on the idea of incremental wagering, if you win the hand, the next bet is the original amount along with a proportion of the winnings.

Other hand tools to have on hand when you are playing Blackjack is an odds calculator or a scorecard. A good way to increase your odds is to be able to anticipate what cards will be played, and various calculating techniques can do this. If you know this kind of information you can calculate your odds, and whether to hit or stand.

Unfortunately, the calculation strategies only apply to Internet betting. Actual casinos would certainly ban you for such techniques. However, as far as a betting strategy is concerned, this is acceptable in any type of casino.

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