Calculatem Pro Review

The recent increase of poker popularity has led to a flood of fish, which are just waiting for you to take their money. Whenever I play poker online I’m always somewhat hesitant on my abilities as a player albeit quite an experienced one (well I like to think so at least). Calculatem Pro helped me.

Poker players know first hand how indispensable Calculatem ProTM is to an online bankroll. It automatically reads your cards and table play, breaking down every possible scenario in real-time and instantly giving you exact poker odds to win in every situation. Calculatem Pro takes the guess work, math, and the luck out of the game, saving you valuable time and money. Perfect for novice players, Calculatem Pro quickly teaches which hands are good and bad in Texas Holdem. Calculatem Pro allows veterans to switch up their response time, eliminating tells.

It will automatically tell you how much money you would need to put into the pot combined with the odds of the hand you hold compared to how much you would win. In simple terms, is it worth the bet and if so how much?

How Much Does Calculatem Pro Cost?

You can purchase Calculatem Pro for .85, payable by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, or you can get it for free by signing up for one of its affiliate poker rooms using the links and codes provided on the Calculatem Pro site. Whichever way you choose to get the software, you’ll be getting a one-year license, at which point you’ll have to renew in order to continue using it.

Is Calculatem Pro for you?

Calculatem Pro offers you the ability to keep playing (virtually) even after you fold. You can see what would have happened if you had stayed in the hand and further sharpen your judgment and skills with this feature.

In with the worst of it:

I have been testing Calculatem online poker odds calculator over the past few days now and my assessment is very positive, however let me first point out its weaknesses. Firstly the default settings are somewhat loose passive when one should rather be trying to play tight aggressive there are optional settings that you can fine tune and tweak the looseness or tightness of the advice given but so far I’m unable to find anything that I can change to make betting more aggressive, I for one certainly would not play every hand as advised by the tool – buts that’s just me, I like my fold equity and like to make raises instead of calls with decent hands otherwise I fold, that’s pretty much my only downside about this poker odds tool.


Overall, though, it’s another great calculator. One feature I especially like is the hand ranking that is given. This is the rank of a particular hand in relation to the others, and is a useful indicator. Another feature unique to Calculatem pro is that it offers Next Card Odd Probabilities as well as River Probabilities. Calculatem Pro’s robust feature set, most competitive free offer, and aesthetically pleasing presentation earn it top marks in the Odds Calculator Category. On top of that Calculatem Pro is the second generation of a proven product and thus should be considered very reliable in terms of service, poker room coverage and updates. Calculatem Pro has helped me win plenty of money in tournaments and cash games playing with tight values and I am sure it can do the same for you. I would personally recommend Calculatem Pro as one of the great online Poker odds calculators, along with Hold Em Indicator.


“So far this version is AWESOME!  Much nicer graphics. and the Pot Odds portion is awesome.  I’ll gladly renew when it’s time.  You’ve got a great product.  I never play without it.  Now I can compare my odds to win with my pot odds and make a decision without having to do it in my head.  Very nice. Thanks again!  Can’t wait to tell my friends!”-Kian

Calculatem Pro is perfect for anyone interested in improving their game through having the best poker software.