Facts You Must Know Regarding Football Spread Betting

One of the mainly common forms of betting on sports is to stake on football. One that is often misinterpreted is football spread betting even if there are numerous traditions to bet on football. Do not be flawed of thinking that it’s the same thing even though it sounds similar to the football betting spread wager.

What Is Football Spread Betting?

We first have to differentiate what the football spread betting is. The football spread betting is really all about the total of points prearranged to a specified team to even out the betting action at the online sports books. Those big favorites that need to win by further than two touchdowns or 14 points aren’t usual to differentiate. People normally make up their bets after doing a little bit of study to choose either the two or three teams to wage on for that day. They may still choose to position more money on one specific group that they think more secure about prize-winning.

Although football spread betting does use the football spread for its wagers, it doesn’t involve choosing just a few teams for that day. The goal is to place small bets on all the games that are happening in hopes of showing a small profit at the end of the day. If you know anything about stock trading, this approach is very similar to spread trading in the market. In high hopes of having a winning day and adding some profits and a small return on your investment is the main goal to spread out your money across several different teams.

Showing small profits day in and day out is the key to being successful with football spread betting. It is of great advantage about this type of betting that you don’t need to win every game but you need to have a winning rate of greater than 53% to make money. Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say during the course of the week you are able to make 100 bets and were able to win 55% of your wagers. For this example let’s use the hundred dollar bets. Here is what it would look like at the end of the week:

55 Wins X $100 =   $5,500

45 Losers X $100 =   $4,500

Juice on Losses 10% =   $   450

Total Profit =   $   550

After just one week, it has now a total of $550 and 55% hits among winners. Imagine if you could hit 60% or 65%. Wagering on football spread betting is just like you’re investing and earning profits little by little over time and it even lowers the risk of gambling.

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