Folding Poker Table – Features, Types, Options

With all the types and styles available, which should you decide on? This article helps you get the most bang for your buck, and choosing a folding poker table that is right for you. Considering there are about 30,000 searches a month on google for the term folding poker table, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of merchants trying to push some version of this product. Which one you purchase depends on what you need with respect to your room size, what you can spend, and your guests.

To keep things simple, poker tables can really be broken down into about 4 categories. Poker table tops, fold up poker tables, folding legs poker tables, and furniture poker tables. The furniture models are more like pool tables and cost well over a thousand dollars and cannot be folded.

Poker Table Tops are the least expensive of all since they do not have legs or a frame to add weight, shipping size, and cost. If a large area is not available for a table, these can be used directly on your table in your kitchen or dining room. You can use your existing chairs. The sizes, shapes, and quality of these tops varies depending on what you want to pay. The premium ones have a plywood base and padded felt giving them a more casino like sound when the chips hit the table. They usually also have padded armrests for player comfort during those long tournament games. On the low end, tops start at about 40-50 dollars, while the top end table tops run in the low 100 dollar range including delivery. Usually they consist of a foam type material, and don’t have armrests. They do tend to have very colorful casino type designs including blackjack, craps, or roulette, in addition to poker. Their light weight also makes them ideal for bringing them to a traveling game. Another common item on these is a plastic tray to hold your drinks and poker chips.

Fold Up Poker Tables are the next price range up. These range from about 160 to 250 dollars delivered. With the same top of the line features like padding under the felt, arm rests, and cupholders, and the wooden base, the top bi-folds to store them easily. The primary advantage of the bi-folding top is the reduced shipping cost since it folds into about half the size of the folding leg tables. Shipping dramatically increases with size and weight. They can also be shipped using UPS or Fedex eliminating the expense of using a trucking company. Additionally, you can store them in less space. The primary disadvantage is the place where the 2 halves come together when unfolded. The point where the 2 halves come together can interfere with card delivery is you are not careful. While personally this does not bother me, some players have told me they do not like the fold and would rather pay the extra for a solid top.

Folding Leg Poker Tables solve the problem. The wood top is one solid piece for a long, smooth playing surface with no obstructions. Unfortunately, this also increases the shipping method and cost, so they tend to run in the high 200 to 400 dollar range. While the legs do fold up for storage, they are way to big to put in a closet.

Shapes & Sizes: Folding poker tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your need. An octagon or round table is usually about 48″ across and ideal for smaller playing areas like apartments and kitchens. They tout that they can seat up to 8 players, but they will not be very comfortable since you will be sitting elbow to elbow. Six players would be about the most I would have. Longer oval tables are usually 73 to 96 inches in length and have positions for up to 10 players comfortably. With a seven to eight foot length, and 3.5 and 4 foot width, verify you actually have the room to place one. Plus you need to have chairs for each of your players.

I sincerely hope this has helped you to find the perfect folding poker table for your game. There is really nothing that compares to playing your hold’em game on one of these, except maybe going to the casino.