Gambling, Fun Or Failure!

I sometimes cannot understand Gambling. I can understand how playing the lottery can be fun or exciting, when you only pay one pound a month for a ticket. However when does gambling really become gambling and at one point does it become a problem. Do people really understand how gambling works and how the casinos don’t work in their favour?

Gambling is where you use your own money in the risk of gaining something higher than the value of what you placed, back. This is where the gambling factor comes in, here is a simple example of gambling at the races (a bit different to the casino, but the same principle):

If you were to place $10 on a horse that has the odds; 10:1 then for every $10 you put down on this horse, you would receive $100 back if the horse one. The single 1 is the amount that you have bet, and the number ten is the multiplier, so in this case times 10. It is simple, working as a multiplier, it will times your bet by ten when you win, and get that ten times return, plus your stake.

It can be quite confusing, and in most cases that doesn’t help especially when you get into the more detailed sides of things. It is easy to lose your way with so many different gambling types, so be careful which games you choose. Something that you must do your best to remember is that, no matter how much you believe it, Casinos are not your friends. They may treat you very well, but there is a very good reason for this. These guys just want to grab your cash, so they will do their best to keep you happy. That includes supplying you with some luxuries and buttering you up with maybe a free nights stay.

These guys won’t ever lose. You may win a couple of times or maybe go on a streak, but overall they get their money back. It makes sense to remember that if you won all of the time, then casinos wouldn’t exist. Making yourself stop gambling when you hit a high point is the most difficult part, and on the other hand stopping when you have lost a lot is even more difficult. It is important to know what you are playing, especially when money is involved, do your best to set yourself the task of researching some of the games. Make sure that you give yourself a specific budget. Try not to spend your winnings, put them to one side!

Las Vegas holidays are the most obvious place to go gambling, but there are casinos everywhere, Florida holidays are a less obvious place, but they still have them, just try not to lose big, if all else fails, don’t gamble at all take a holiday at the Le Sport St Lucia!