Halftime Betting in Football

We have found that betting the halftime lines of a NFL game is very profitable if done right. There are several things you must do to put the odds in your favor. The first and most important thing is research the game before it starts. We recommend not betting the start of the game. If you have a play at the beginning of the game then it is strong enough to warrant it and a halftime play is not usually needed. Anyway, study the game before it starts. Get an Idea how the game will play out. Know the injuries to each team to start the game. I usually try to predict the first half results. Lastly, know the starting line and total. Divide it by 2 and have the numbers written down also.

Watch the first half of the game closely and pay attention to the injuries. Of course if there is a significant injury this will indicate a major change for the second half. A lot of times the not so significant injuries are the most important. Say for instance both Defensive Backs on a team got beat up and one is out. This gives the opposing team a big advantage and especially if they are a throwing team. Also this last type of injury may not be reflected in the halftime line.

Another thing to watch is the turnovers and how they affect the first half. Turnovers may affect the score and may not. For instance if a game you predict to go over is way under at halftime was it because of turnovers. The same works the other way, if a game is way over and you picked it to go under but a couple interceptions or fumbles were returned for touchdowns put it over. In both these situations your original bet of over or under is the right pick in the second half because it is very unusual to have that many turnovers again.

The score is another factor in second half betting. If there is a blowout in the first half, this can greatly affect the second half bet. Most teams do not run up the score on other teams and play their reserves. A lot of times you are betting on the reserves of the leading team against the first string of the losing team. In the fourth quarter there is a good chance both teams will have their second string in.

The last thing to take into affect is the weather and field conditions. This also is a double edged sword. If you see the weather getting worse as the game goes on then you have to bet accordingly. This is also true if the weather is getting better and the field is in good condition. Then weather may not be a factor but the line may reflect it is. In this case there may be a low under but you know the players are not slipping and will be able to score.

I have given you many things to look for at half to tilt the odds in your favor. A lot of times the scenarios listed above do not happen or are minor enough to let you to bet the second half depending on your prediction before the game. If your predictions are correct great make you bet. If you predicted the game wrong make your adjustment and bet accordingly. Always remember that if you are not confident in the second half bet do not make it. The point is to get odds in your favor and if they are not, lay off this time.

Rich Vial is a webmaster for US Player Sportsbook Sites & OnlineĀ Sports Betting.