Have Gamblers Caused the Credit Crunch?

As we can all tell the world is in a huge financial black hole and this situation has been caused by the banks. Over the last five years banks were giving mortgages to families and individuals that just could not afford them and missing payments. This has all led to the demise of the banks and businesses that were relying on them failing too.

I have always had a motto that if you cannot afford something then you should not buy it, why are people getting out huge mortgages that they cannot afford the repayment for? I mean borrowing over 100k is a huge amount of money. So this is why banks need to buckle up and start thinking carefully about who they give their money to in the future.

I have listed down a few situations where the banks definitely should not be lending out.
1) Folks that are on very minimal wages, what the banks do tend to turn a blind eye to is the fact that people have a massive amount of outgoings on a monthly basis. They have the huge daily living costs to consider. So someone that is earning 30k in my view should not be borrowing huge amounts for a home.
2) How long have they been in their work place? There are a huge amount of people in the world that just hate working and end up getting sacked from every job they get. These lazy people then decide to get back into work after a year and as soon as they get their first wage packet they just go out and get a mortgage and expensive cars on finance. And to be honest noone really tells them any different, the banks seem to agree with them by handing over money.
3) One of the more imprtant aspects that the bank should look at is the obsessive habits people have. How many times have gambling addicts got given a mortgage and car and then blow there monthly repayments on playing online poker or roulette. Addicts just will not stop so lending them money would be a huge no no.

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