Having Your Very Own Chip Set

If you wander into a poker supply store or onto a website to acquire poker chips and other accessories, you may feel like a kid who’s walked into a candy store. The possibilities are endless, and you might have to rein yourself in and occasionally remind yourself of your budget. The design and variety of poker accessories is wide-ranging, but put them all together into a poker chip set, and this is when they really shine. You could choose a simple aluminum carrying case with 300 chips, or could go all the way up to a polished wooden double-decker felt-lined case with 1000 chips. The sky and your budget are your only limits.

Before you decide how elaborate you want to get though, you need to calculate how many players, on average, will participate in your poker party. Sets of 300 chips are probably enough for six players, or perhaps five in a Texas Hold’Em game. If you go up to seven or more, it’s probably best to consider poker chip sets 500, and perhaps even more than that. Some people recommend up to 100 chips per player, to be on the safe side. (After all, it’s better to have too many than to run out, right?) Once you decide on something like a 500 or 700 piece chip set, your decision might affect what sort of chip design you want, since the price will be higher.

Remember that if you buy poker chips with an elaborate design that goes beyond the fairly basic sort of composition, then the cost will rise even more. The more mass-produced type of chips all have pretty much the same shape, because a special mold is required to produce extras like impressed inlays, indentations or designs on the outer edge of the chip, and so on. Inexpensive chips come in the same shape, with differences only in color or a center surface inlay. However, if you do want to take the more expensive route, it is possible to do custom designs at some websites. If you can afford to do so, then it will be an enjoyable exercise to personalize your poker chip set in this way.

Another type of chip that might add to the expense of your poker chip set will be the most recent innovation, a metal-resin composite. Which type of poker supplies you buy will really depend on your goal. Do you just want to get on with the game, and don’t need the elaborate accessories? Or are you trying to add atmosphere as well, or put your personal stamp on your game? Whatever your intention, there will be a set of poker chips and accessories to suit you.

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