Holdem Genius Review & Guide

For starters, Holdem Genus isn’t necessarily a free poker odds calculator. It costs about 0 to buy stand-alone, or if you sign up for the Poker Stars or Bodog online poker playing rooms you will get the software for free as long as you deposit at least .00 into your online gaming account. So in either case, it’s not absolutely “free”, but then again is there anything worthwhile that is? At any rate, the success you can have with HoldEm Genius can allow you to recoup your very reasonable investment in no time.

Now, keep in mind–this is a poker advisor only. This isn’t one of those stupid “poker bots”. You still have to make your own decisions and think for yourself, and there are times, depending upon the character of your opponents and your own playing style, that the advice you get doesn’t allow you to win; in other words, use the advice of this poker odds calculator but don’t be controlled by it.

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As with any odds calculator or advice program, Holdem Genius won’t make you a winning player by itself, but it is a useful tool for learning the game without losing too much money. If properly customized, this program’s advice might beat a micro-limit game, but not for the kind of profit that a skilled player would make.

There is no doubt that most of us will take any advantage we can get when playing poker, I mean we’re risking our hard earned money so any advantage to win is great. With a poker odds calculator you won’t be guaranteed to win more money, but you should be able to increase your winnings by quite a bit. The math and data tool can analyze through in real-time can’t be mimicked by most humans and you’ll have an exceptional advantage over your competition.

Holdem Genius has been described as having one of the best sets of features among any of the best poker calculators. The volume of data provided is impressive and appeals to any player hungry to get as many views as possible. In addition, available views are customizable and screens can be placed anywhere the user wishes. Users can also turn off the data they do not want. Genius provides real-time information (once the activation code is obtained), even supplying the odds of the user winning the hand.

Hold’em Genius is unique in that it allows you to customize the application to suit your unique playing style.  If you are a passive player or an exceptionally aggressive player, options are available to provide you with advice suitable for your needs.

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