Holdem Genius

Looking for an edge while you sit down to play some online poker? Well if that is the case then the Holdem Genius software could be what you are looking for to take your game to the next level.

Be a Genius – a Holdem Genius

Holdem Genius doesn’t take into account the different human tendencies other players have but it does allow you to adjust your ‘playing style’.  On the Holdem Genius toolbar players can choose from playing style, options, or help.  Under playing style players can program the software to adjust to how they would to play.  For instance a player can decide how aggressive or tight they want to be before and after the flop.  It also allows players to adjust other settings (settings for what hands to play) when you are in the small blind, the big blind, the position of the dealer button and you can also make adjustments if there are 4+ players left at the table (5+ players, etc).  Great feature to allow players to program their game into the software.

The only problem I would have with this type of software is that it doesn’t count for the other player’s tendencies on the table.  If a player is being extremely active or extremely tight, Holdem Genius doesn’t adjust for human tendencies that occur on the table and the software will strictly play the hand you are dealt and this could cause players to miss opportunities at the table.

Why download the software?

When you open the Holdem Genius software, it will attach itself to the online poker room that you are playing on. Holdem Genius starts working as soon as you are dealt your first hand and unlike other poker calculators, you can use it on at least three different tables at one time. Holdem Genius allows you to toggle between it and the poker room and the information is laid out in easy to read tables. Holdem Genius also makes the action – fold, check, bet, or raise – easy to see and understand right in the middle of the screen without obscuring the room or the game.

Advantages with Holdem Genius:

Holdem Genius can be used on play money tables as well, though the software calculates odds based on the assumption that your opponents are knowledgeable about the game of Texas Holdem and not about to play recklessly, as so many play money online poker players are wont to do. Therefore, the odds and advice given at play money tables can be a little skewed.

Getting Holdem Genius

Holdem Genius costs .85 and can be purchased using your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Or you can get a one-year license for the software for free by signing up for a new account with any of Holdem Genius’ affiliated poker rooms using the codes and links provided on the Holdem Genius website.


Hold Em Genius is a great piece of software that can benefit any poker player, whether they may be a novice or a seasoned pro. It earns high regards for covering the essentials of online poker odds calculators and it offers some unique extras. If you’re interested in – top hands or drawing out odds than Holdem Genius is for you, it is the only Odds Calculator I am aware of that offers these metrics. In addition – Holdem Genius places hand probability right on the poker table and you can play multiple tables at once while using the software.

With hold em poker software you can stop grouping in the dark. In every situation at the poker table you have access to high quality intelligence and can make really competent decisions.