Is There An Honest Online Casino?

You may decide you simply want to avoid an online casino because there is so much scope for fraud. After all, you are bombarded with warnings about malicious software that installs itself on your computer, follows your keystrokes, steals your identity, and could possibly wipe your bank account clean. Or if you’re using a credit card or some other form of internet payment, the security of the transaction becomes an issue. Or the game could be rigged so you’d lose all the time. As well, an offshore casino site would be hard to prosecute if they cheated you. So surely it’s better not to bother with them at all?

Before you dismiss the idea of an online casino for good, though, consider some thoughts that might set you at ease. The most important thing is that there are many people who play casino games at these websites who are pretty savvy. Many knowledgeable gambling experts have websites of their own. And since they know the odds of winning, it takes no time at all for them to detect when it happens more rarely than usual. These experts sniff out wrongdoers, post their names, and even sometimes post exactly the method they’re using to cheat people. So following the website of such an expert can save you grief before you even start.

Remember also that for an online poker site to make money in the long term, they can’t cheat their customers. Unless their gaming programs are on the up and up, not only won’t they get repeat business, but their bad reputation will make their initial business dry up too. Of course, that still doesn’t protect you from fake casino sites set up just so crooks can collect your credit card info. But again this can be prevented by reading the experts’ websites to learn about the best internet casinos. As well, if you play at sites affiliated with poker pros, such as and, then you can be confident they are on the up-and-up.

Never forget that every casino’s games are slanted so that the house wins most of the time. This applies to an online casino as much as to one in the real world; a fact understood by casinos and players alike. But that’s quite different from some offshore gambling site refusing to pay your winnings or skewing game programs so you never win at all. You can avoid the few fraudulent sites out there, though, if you pay attention to the experts and follow their lead to the casino sites that really are trustworthy.

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