Live Roulette – Online Roulette’s Next Generation

There is a good chance that you have, by now, heard about Live Roulette. Casinos are slowly moving away from the conventional online roulette and drifting towards what is sometimes called the NEXT GENERATION of roulette. Live online casinos are casinos that over players a chance to interact with live dealers either in roulette or other gambling games.

How Live Roulette Works:

Live roulette is almost exactly the same thing as roulette found online or on land. However, a prominent feature of live roulette is a sheer combination of online convenience and a live feel of having a live dealer, which is only found at land based casinos. This only means that online roulette is stepping up the experience by adding a live dealer to interact with online gamers—something normally found at land based casino roulette but is not being adapted into online roulette.

How do players get to see the real live dealer and interact with them? Well, if you’re the type in touch with technological advancement, you’d have a good idea how this is done. However, for those who are not, live roulette is based on using the very latest webcasting technology. Basically, the dealer is in one part of the world and you are in the other. The dealer is actually a real person and not some graphic animation and his movements and speeches are being captured by a camera, whose live feeds are being automatically transmitted to you. Now that is the most comprehensible explanation. You get to talk with the dealer just as you may have experienced at a true casino.

Rules of Live Roulette:

You may be wondering if there are any noticeable changes in the rules of live roulette; with the difference in the playing platform. However, there is no obvious variation. Roulette strategies are the same anywhere, whether it is an online roulette or conventional roulette, and the rules are just the same. Nevertheless, live roulette games are generally scheduled on a specified time range. The schedules time frame may be from 3pm to 12 midnight, when casinos would allow live roulette games. The times here are not verified so you may want to check with your live roulette casino to make sure.

Do you have online roulette betting options? The betting options are the same as those in old playing platforms. That suggests that players need to opt for either inside or outside bets and go for a specific type under either of these. If you are concerned about payouts, they are precisely the same as those payouts in conventional roulette or on online roulette.