Make Money By Becoming A Casino Affiliate

The gambling industry is very exciting to most people because of the kind of money that can be made there. But probably you are skeptical about whether you could really make money. If that is the case, then you need to take a look at the casino affiliate opportunity.

This is a great way to enter the gambling industry with almost no startup capital and still earn a great deal of money. Here is how it works.

As a casino affiliate, the main thing you have to do is to promote some online casino website and get people to play there. These are the people referred by you. When these people play, your website gets tracked. And then for whatever losses these referrals make, you get a certain percentage.

Consider this. Suppose you send a person to a casino website and he plays with $100. Now, he loses the entire $100. This loss becomes the earning of the casino company. Since you referred this person to them, the casino website will happily pay you a percentage of these losses. Typically, this is around 30%, which means you stand to get around $30.

And that is just from one person you sent. You will probably be able to send a lot more if you put up some flashy banners on your website and do a little bit of promotion. If you send around 10 people a month, you still stand to get $300 for doing virtually nothing.

Also, you need to keep in mind that our figures here are all too cautious. There are casinos that will pay you much more than the 30% we mentioned. Some of them even pay as much as 60% to their casino affiliates. A little calculation will tell you how rich you can become!

If you are looking for different options, you have them too. You could send people to bingo websites, poker websites and so on and make money as an affiliate. It is all about sending people to play the games you like and earning money for that.

There are 2 things you have to make sure when you start. Online gambling must be permitted in your country. You should be above the minimum age for gambling. Once these things are all right, there’s not stopping you from making money out of starting your own little casino affiliate business.