Online Poker Games Are A Win Win Situation

During June and July, RakeTheRake players who refer friends to the rakeback specialist’s site will rank in a new leaderboard. And the ten players who notch up the most referrals by 31 July 2010 will win some fantastic prizes: a mini jukebox replica (worth 795 US Dollars), an LG champagne flute home cinema system (worth 720 US Dollars), an Apple iPad (worth 625 US Dollars) and a really cool pocket cinema (worth 360 US Dollars) are all up for grabs. On top of this the 6 runners up will receive some high quality RakeTheRake merchandise.

Players simply need to login to their RakeTheRake account and invite their friends to sign up for rakeback by entering their email addresses. It’s completely free to join and ensures they get cashback from every game, win or lose. Alternately players can select special banners and text links to add to their own websites to promote the benefits of rakeback to players. The referral period runs from 1st June until 31 July 2010. A cash alternative to the 4 main prizes will be available.

For any RakeTheRake players who refer their friends, they will earn a regular monthly commission of 4% of their players net rake and for all sub referrals 1%. Commission payments are not taken from the players rakeback.

In every poker game a commission, or rake, of around 5% of the pot is taken by the online poker room and it’s non refundable unless you have a rakeback program in place.

RakeTheRake works with all the top online poker rooms to bring up to 100% rakeback to players. Rakeback, which is sometimes described quite nicely as poker cashback assures online poker players of receiving the maximum cash from their game and it doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

With more than 600,000 US Dollars up for grabs in freerolls and rake races each and every month, RakeTheRake ensures their online poker players receive the very best return on all games played.

You can also sign up to Full Tilt Rakeback and Everest Poker (no climbing of mountains necessary).