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The object of the game is to complete the pattern called for in a certain game with the lowest number of calls. Before the game commences, patterns are determined that can be either horizontal, vertical, a diagonal, a box, an x, or a ‘block out’ in which case you are required to fill in the entire card.

The Bingo Card

The Bingo card has the letters B, I, N, G and O across the top indicating five columns. Each column hast a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 75.

The B column has numbers from 1-15, the I column has numbers, 16-30, the N column has numbers from 31 – 45, the G column has numbers from 46 to 60, and the O column has numbers from 61 – 75. Each column may only have 5 numbers from their respective range.

The card forms a grid in which the middle grid, the third row of the N column is labeled free, this cell need not be filled.

The Game

First you need a Bingo card, you may have more than one bingo card at a time, depending on your labeling ability.

The game starts when the host tells everyone the pattern to be formed.

Listen for the fist ball, the host will call out a letter, either B, I, N, G or O, for the column and then a number, e.g. O-70.

Look for this number in your card and label it immediately.

The host continues to call out letters and numbers until someone finishes than pattern required.

Once a player has completed their pattern, he or she should yell bingo! To let everyone know that she has won the game by completing the pattern.

The host or presenter will then confirm the numbers and their location within your card by reviewing your card closely against the numbers called.

A new Bingo game may then commence with the same or different pattern and the same or different prize, depending on the set up.

The prize should be immediately given after a Bingo.


Never yell BINGO if you haven’t formed a pattern yet, this halts the games and can be a bit annoying for other players.

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