Poker Fans Will Now Enjoy The Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been put down as a family console right? So why on earth can poker games be found on the console itself? Well there is actually a fairly decent reason behind it all.

The first major point is that yes Nintendo do want a larger variety of people to be playing their games consoles but they do not just want to be restricting it to the family. Yeah right, Kirby, StarFox, decent Mario Game, where are they all! So they thought brining in the gamblers would be a better idea than making a decent game for the fans, Nintendo you have really lost it now havent you.

So although this game isn’t likely to give you any real rakeback whether that comes in the form of full tilt rakeback or pokerstars rakeback it just isn’t going to be happening with this game.

So although Nintendo has a game for adults it would seem that this is actually a big problem. Is introducing a poker game to the Wii a good idea, after all the console is meant for familys isnt it, well no its not.

Is it that likely that your child is going to be addicted to gambing by 12! The rating for this game I personally thought was quite low considering it is a gambling game. So how come all of these shooters are 18's when a gambling game is only a 12, what is the difference here?

Has the world lost its mind! However if you enjoy a bit of poker and do not like to waste money on playing the real thing then a poker game on the Wii could be right for you.