Roulette Sniper Scam

In this article I’m going to speak about a roulette system called roulette sniper. It has been on the internet since March 2007 and I had read so many positive review that I thought it would be worth a try.

I have experienced many losses in the past playing roulette online and I thought that maybe roulette sniper would help me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to win 0 in two minutes like what is shown on the website, we all know that this isn’t realistic but I thought I could slowly win back what I had previously lost.

The product was available to me instantley after payment was confirmed via a download link in an email. I had a look at the instructions before starting and from watching them I found that what roulette sniper does is track the roulette table for you.

In a nut shell this means roulette sniper will tell you to bet on red or black when it hasn’t shown for whatever amount of spins that you decide. It also does this for all the other aspects of the online roulette table.

I thought it would be best to play save and told roulette sniper to play conservatively and I was only wagering at a time. In the first half hour I found myself in profit and I started believing I had found the perfect system. Then I had a losing run, roulette sniper was telling me to bet on dozen 1-12 and I kept betting on it according to roulette snipers instructions, with the bets getting larger each time.

My original 0 bankroll was gone plus the that I had won, meaning that in one bad losing run I had lost 0. I decided to try again with a larger bankroll and with more conservative betting patterns.

I set roulette sniper to wait 15 times without a dozen or column and 8 times without any of the even money bets. My bets became much less frequent, it took a whole hour just to win but I thought that if that could continue I would be on to something after all an hour adds up.

I then encountered another losing run this time it was on column 2, it hadn’t shown for fifteen spins so roulette sniper told me to bet on it but it went a further ten spins without showing so again I lost my bankroll. The big problem with roulette sniper and programs like it is that they keep telling you to raise your bets after a loss and it soon becomes very risky.


After this second loss I came to the conclusion that these kind of systems, software based or not do not work long term and decided to give it up, I was a little wiser but a little poorer.