Sports Betting Champ … Just the Facts

 Before we get started I will be making a few assumptions about you. 

1) Sports betting on line is something that is new to you. 


2) You have been considering Sports Betting Champ, but are still a little skeptical about getting involved with this amazing sports betting system. 

Which ever category you fall into, I hope after reading what I have to say today that you can feel very comfortable with whatever decision you choose to make.So here we go. 

If you have had a chance to review Sports Betting Champ and read some posts about the program, I’m sure you have noticed that the messages are all the same.How the creator of Sports Betting Champ, John Morrison graduated from Cornell University with a PHD in statistics.How John wins hundreds of $1000’s of dollars per year winning 97% of his wagers and how hundreds of others are doing the same following his system. 

I’m sure you really don’t care that John earns thousands of dollars per month? How does that actually help us? Here is what you really want to know:  

DOES IT REALLY WIN 97%? This by far is the number 1 question that everyone wants to know as the claim sounds impossible.Yes & No is the answer, now let me explain it.Sorry to disappoint you, but you will not win 97% of your bets with this system.John Morrison is not some super sports betting genius who can pick each game with that much accuracy.His system is actually based on a 3 step progressive betting plan and once the criteria is met to place the first bet, then the 3 part series begins.Basically the goal is to win 1 of the 3 picks and you make profit from that bet.So the answer if John wins 97% of his games is No, but Yes to if he wins 97% of each 3 part betting series.As of today SBC is on an amazing 170-0 run with the betting series. 

HOW DO I KNOW IT’S NOT A SCAM? With all of the scams out there online these days, I really don’t blame you for asking this question.The only way for you to really know is to try it out for yourself.You are protected by the two month Money Back Guarantee and you can check out all of the testimonials from happy customers on the site.Getting a refund is really easy since SBC is a Clickbank product, you don’t even have to contact John.They will issue a refund within the first two months if you are not satisfied for what ever reason.Once you learn the specifics of the system, you can actually go back in history 10,15 even 20 years to check it’s performance.Hopefully this should eliminate some of your concerns. 

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? In short YES it will.You should be able to achieve similar results as long as you can follow a few simple rules and place your wagers with your online bookmaker.Check out these previous results from the NBA & MLB seasons: 

NBA Basketball:

2004-05 season: 68 wins – 2 Losses

2005-06 season: 71 wins – 3 Losses

2006-07 season: 66 wins – 2 Losses

2007-08 season: 80 wins – 1 Loss

2008-09 NBA season: 79 wins – 0 Losses


MLB Baseball:

2004 season: 33 wins – 0 Losses

2005 season: 38 wins – 0 Losses

2006 season: 66 wins – 1 Loss

2007 season: 35 wins – 0 Loss

2008 season: 43 wins – 0 Losses 

John will even send you an email with the picks so you don’t even need to learn the system, which is really great.Really all you will have to do is place your bets on his picks and watch the cash start to come in.It can’t really get any more simple than that. 

SOUNDS GREAT, SO HOW MUCH? At the time of this writing, the cost is only $197.Now for some this could be a lot and for others it is just a drop in the bucket.What’s great about this price is that it’s a one time cost as there is no monthly or yearly membership fees.Once you sign up and armed with this information, you will be able to profit from this system for the rest of your life.If you are betting $100 per pick, you can have this paid off on the first 2 wins.After that everything is pure profit.Not that much for a lifetime of profits if you break it down to 5 and 10 years.Before you know it, this will be paid in full. 

So guys I hope this clears up the main questions that you have about Sports Betting Champ.If you would like to see my full review on my website and to let you know what bonuses come with the program you can visit my Sports Betting Champ Review

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