Successful 3 Card Bragg Tips

In bragg you have a number of different types of player. Some will seemingly always continue to bet blind and will hope that most of the other people will open and quickly fold. This type of player can at times be quite hard to play against and can even become quite annoying. Knowing that they are going to continue to bet blind in this way makes it quite a hard decision for you to make if you have had a look at your cards and have seen that you have been dealt a pair of say two’s. This hand is quite hard to assess, it can win many hands but in another way seems quite weak. To keep adding money to the pot takes a bit of bottle and your inner mind tells you to fold and wait for a better hand to arrive.

Playing bragg is not something I do as a career; I am in fact involved with selling external doors, providing Tesco voucher codes and offering a DVD replication service.

Then there are the people who play this game in a much more “safe” manner. They will rarely bet on the “blind” and will seemingly only bet when they have a really good hand. When these people do actually place a bet after looking at their cards they more often than not go on to collect the money.

As a rule, when a conservative player has a look at his/her cards and then bets, this tells me that they must have a fairly good hand. I then will take a look at my cards and will then decide whether to bet or to throw the cards away. What happens quite a lot of the time is that the conservative players all look at their cards and then throw them away. At this stage I am left with playing with the two most adventureous players on the table. This is something I love and is the essence of gambling. You win some you lose some but with these types of opponents I would fancy my chances every day of the week. I will hope that one of these people takes a look at their cards sooner rather than later. I of course want this player to fold, if they do I will then take a look at my own cards and bet even if I have only a king or ace high hand. In bragg there are a lot more rubbish hands than good. With only two players ace high is actually quite a good hand.

It is important not to let these over aggressive players bully you as this is what they want. So what is the best way to deal with this type of player? Well to start with think about the ways in which you would deal with people who attempt to bully you in every day life. Yes stand up to them and make sure that they do ot grind you down. Good luck and enjoy your bragg. As in all forms of gambling, remember to only gamble what you can afford to lose.