The Way To Beat The Odds In Sports Betting

In the era of the get rich quick systems there is probably no/not more popular thought than where you feel you can make one big play and win a ton of cash.. For many this is basically what they are trying to do when they start using sports betting as a way to make some money. People don’t understand that this is hardly a way to hit the proverbial lottery. However the smart gambler can use their wagering as a sort of sports gambling money management system that can be quite interesting if done right. The first part in doing this is understanding the terminology.

Sports gambling odds are sometimes the many confusing set of statistics the newbie will ever see.. If a team is the favorite then the odds show them with a minus in front of their number.. If the USC Trojans are taking on the Arizona Wildcats and are favored by 14 points, the Trojans will show a line of -14.. In this case the minus sign stands for “favored by” on the reverse side a plus (+) refers to the team being an underdog by as many points as follow that sign. Presuming you place your wager on the Trojans at -14, you are hoping that USC will win the game by more than two touchdowns. If they do, you win your money. Should they win by less than 14, or outright lose, you have lost your bet.. With many sports books, a win of exactly 14 points is considered a “push” and you win the money you wagered back, but no more..

One of the other more popular sports betting types that gamblers love to bet on is referred to as the over/under.. With this type the bettor is really trying to precisely determine what the total points the two teams will combine to score will be. At first glance this often looks like the best way to make some money, but the over/under can also be the many heartbreaking line to wager on. Imagine if the over/under on a basketball game was 192 and you bet on the under.. With just under five seconds to go, the score was 100-90 and because you did not really bet on who would win, you were feeling good.. Then for absolutely no real reason, the losing team’s player put up a long three point shot as time expired that went through the hoop and counted.. With the final score 100-93, you just lost the under and your bet to boot.. such is the life at US sports book sites.