Tips for Online Texas HOldem Strategy

Playing texas holdem via the internet can be very fun, but the online holdem strategy is very different to that of playing in person around a real poker table. The following are some of the many tips to assist you at winning more hands and ultimately more money while developing your unique holdem strategy:

•    Take the necessary time to practice and learn the skills necessary to be a successful player while playing with play money.

•    Learn and develop your skill of patience. Successful players will fold the majority of starting hands, especially in the early stages of a tournament. A poor hand will most likely only get worse and more costly as it develops. Get out while it’s still cheap to do so.

•    Have a keen sense of your table position at all times and play it appropriately. If you are a later player, you have more time to work on trying to figure out what the other players have in their hand. If you’re an early player, know when to stay in and when to fold. A small pocket pair may appear to be a good hand to play while in early position but those in late position may have the ability to fold them in the face of heavy betting from early position players.

•    Take the time to familiarize yourself with pot odds.  They will help you make your decision whether to stay in a hand or not. Having knowledge of the odds of you completing your hand can save you a lot of money in the long run. That’s a big part of your online holdem strategy.

•    If you’re an inexperienced player, don’t try to learn bluffing skills in a big money game. That’s what free online poker is for. If you’re playing with people you don’t know, and you have a lousy hand, you may end up getting caught.

•    Take the time to understand your opponents and how they play. Keep notes and refer to them so you can build up player profiles for the players you encounter frequently. Uncover their tells as well as whether they play loose or tight. Use their weaknesses against them. Pay attention to how frequently each player stays in the game to the River. You’ll soon learn who the very loose players are and you can start focusing on taking their money.

•    And here’s a sneaky trick I learned from another pro online player. Make up a screen name that makes you appear as a woman even if you are not. Strangely enough, many male players won’t play as aggressively against someone they think is a female player. It’s a male flaw – take advantage of it.

Building a good online poker strategy can be time consuming and won’t happen overnight. You will need to see a lot of hands to fully master the game. So play when you can and add these tips to your online texas holdem strategy.