UIGEA and U.S. Gambling

The UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, is the first real prohibition of the use of online gambling. The number of online gamblers on the internet was reduced radically ever since its enforcement in 2007. Perhaps this is due to the fear of online gamblers that either they will be caught or the online gambling site they are in will be shut down.

Time and time again, efforts to allay these fears have been attempted, usually without any effect.  As if it was not enough that some online gambling sites have already offered the martingale roullete system. These fears, however, are usually unfounded and unguided as most people do not even know what the provisions of the UIGEA are. Information about the UIGEA is needed more than ever.

How The UIGEA is Enforced.

The main job of the UIGEA is to make it difficult for online gambling sites and players to conduct operations- even more so for those in the U.S.For a clearer image, this will be done through two measures. First, making it necessary for sites to apply for gambling licenses from the Financial Crimes Enforcement who only grants these after assessing the site thoroughly and second, reclassifying poker, roulette, chess and similar games so that it won’t be covered under the UIGEA.

US players can enjoy more security because of the UIGEA. It will be less easy for online gambling sites to run away from players in the end because it will be easier for the authorities to track them down. The UIGEA has had adverse effects however. Its enforcement has been lacking as a matter of fact. The problem with the enforcement of the UIGEA has only caused a series of failures in the online gambling world.

Status of the UIGEA

Even more problems have sprung from the lackadaisical enforcement of the UIGEA. This has much to do with the shareholders of gambling sites.Because right now the area of online gambling is in legal question and dispute, shareholders and investors, especially those who reside in the US, have chosen to pull out their investments and shares.A number of online gambling sites have in turn been forced to shut down their operations. Because these online gambling sites ceased operations, people were led to believe in the validity of the UIGEA. The truth is, these gambling sites wouldn’t even have closed had it not been for the presence of this Act. It only became a catalyst for a number of disputes and cut ties instead of making the general gambling world more safe.

However, this is not the only worse effect of the issues with the inefficient enforcement of the UIGEA.Also, many states are now confused as to whether or not they should allow its citizens to play online gambling. Strictly speaking, there is no hindrance by the UIGEA on US players participate in online gambling. But some states interpreted otherwise. US players in these states are now prohibited from the enjoyment of online gambling.Also, other states still continue to let US players to participate in online gambling legally.There is an obvious division in the interpretation of these states. This division will exist until the enforcement of the UIGEA is done properly.