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VCPoker’s is a quick, slick and secure software with over fifty years experience inside the poker and gambling industry. Victor Chandler is usually a site that you can trust and you can be rest assured that you will have a good and challenging poker encounter at VCPoker. From a busy tournament schedule to new promotions to great opportunities for players to increase their bankrolls, VCPoker has it all!

The new application at VCPoker has improved considerably. Some in the greatest characteristics are the ‘mini table’ facilities, wherein you’ll be able to manage and play at various tables – up to 8 simultaneously! You get to choose your avatar, the betting choice are simplified, your play history is far more accessible, the Tracking Action Points are also simpler, an every table will have your current total. 1 from the most incredible characteristics is from the lobby – the poker tournament prize pools are based on the entry numbers.

Being one particular in the biggest UK-based on the internet poker rooms, VCPoker has definitely great peak hour traffic, sometimes 15,000 – 25,000 players during the peak hours. Most in the buy-ins offer round the clock action and most in the play is focused on low to medium-level stakes. The Texas Holdem tables, freerolls and lower entry tournaments are one of the most well-liked and fill up the fastest.

VCP offers a big variety of games like Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. There are a lot of no-limit and pot-limit games obtainable right here and along with the promotions, this web site is certain to keep your on your toes. The buy-ins range anywhere from $0.10 to even $50 and daily there are loads of freerolls on offer including those which have been readily available for new players. You can find numerous excellent casino games which have been also on offer you here, like 6-deck Blackjack.

VCPoker belongs to just one of the biggest poker networks – Playtech iPoker Network, which has a massive scale. So, you can get players from all several backgrounds having diverse skill sets and abilities. The players at VCPoker could be rather soft, maybe simply because from the punters from the Victor Chandler sports book playing in between football matches! There’s a lot of excellent cash right here and there also are some pretty strong players if you’re interested in a challenge, especially at the higher value tables.

Yes, VCPoker is certainly not an simple money poker web site, but it positive is 1 hell of an exciting one! So, go try out today and expertise gambling at its best!