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Holdem poker strategy is different in its two formats, limit and non-limit. They also vary according to the playing skills of different players. Holdem poker strategy is implemented differently by different players.

Holdem Poker Strategy: Ranks of Hands

Before understanding the holdem poker strategy, it is ver impotant to understand hands ranks from top to bottom:

  • Royal flush: AKQJ10 of the same color and form
  • Straight flush: A2345, consecutive numbers from the same suit
  • Quads: KKKK5, four cards of the same rank
  • Full house: 77722, triplet of one rank and pair of another rank
  • Flush: K9753, five non-consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Straight: 5432A, five cards in sequence but not from the same suit
  • Three of a kind: 22269, three cards of same rank
  • Two pair: 44229, 2 pairs of the same rank cards, the remaining card acts as a kicker
  • One pair: 55623, 2 cards of the same rank and three kickers
  • High card: KJ532, if the hand does not qualify for any of the above mentioned, then the cards are arranged in terms of their precedence.

Holdem Poker Strategy: Playing Styles

Poker players have different styles of behavior while playing the game. This defines individual holdem poker strategy for each player.

Read closely, here are 4 different poker styles

  • Tight-aggressive: These players place higher bets and raise the money when they possess good hand. Although, they fold much too easily on a dry day.
  • Loose-aggressive: These people are real poker freaks. They play every hand irrespective of the risks involved. They also bet and raise frequently.
  • Tight-passive: As defensive players, they engage in few hands in a low-stake game.
  • Loose-passive: This holdem poker strategy is also called as ‘calling station’. Such players engage in a variety of starting hands but will not raise in later hands.

Holdem Poker Strategy: General Tips

The following tips on holdem poker strategy are meant for beginners, amateur and medium-range players:

  • If you do not possess good starting hand, fold immediately.
  • If you have a good starting hand, raise the bet accordingly.
  • Evaluate your winning odds after flop, turn and river, and fold before you lose.
  • Seating on the last position is an added advantage in holdem poker strategy.
  • Learn mathematical equations to calculate odds. This way, you can avoid exposing your money to high risks.

Texas holdem strategies require both analytical and practical skills to be implemented in a way that makes you win the game. Although no holdem poker strategy can guarantee a jackpot, practicing them is essential to remain safe from risk.