Who Has The UK Lottery License?

Do you know who owns and operates the UK lottery? With a whopping amount of wealth going into this business, it’s indeed difficult to visualize that the owners are not astonishingly rich. UK lottery is actually made up of several different stockholders, which implies that the huge profits are equally distributed among the members, generally the ones who have assisted in financing the company.

The UK lottery is currently in control by a company called Camelot. They oversee all of the different promotions and payouts and insure that everything is running smoothly. Camelot’s reign started back in 2001 when they were awarded the bid for the franchise. This bid takes place every eight years, and the UK lottery ownership is given to the company chosen by The National Lottery Commission.

The National Lottery Commission is not in charge of any of the operations of Camelot, nor does it deal out any of the winnings. This commission was established so players could have fair treatment. It is not run by the government and has a staff of about 50 people. The headquarters is in Watford, although many staff members are located right in London.

To help with the changing of the license to a new owner, the National Lottery Commission is made up of five directors: Licensing, Resources, Compliance, the Project Team, and Performance and Communications. The members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. They also appoint the Chief Executive and make decisions about the lottery and licenses.

The National Lottery Commission handles complaints that were not satisfactorily taken care of by Camelot, or whatever company that holds the UK lottery license. They make sure that there is no underage play and that people are not playing excessively. The Commission monitors much of the proceedings done by Camelot, but they do not take much part in organizing or operating. It’s also there job to make sure that the money is distributed in the right way.

Fund collected from the game is divided among the prize money and the several noble causes. Some part of the funds directly goes to the British government, the ticket sellers, the suppliers of lottery tickets, and for Camelot’s cost and profit. Parliament has set that, at least 28p of every pound will go for the noble cause. There are some people who think this to be a stealth tax, but in fact it actually helps the Big Lottery Fund. Some part of the fund collected by Dream Number lottery is to help the Olympics and Paralympics, to be held in 2012.

As per the standards established by the Commission, the players have to be more than 16 to participate. Camelot takes part in both scratch cards game as well as the number matching ones. Lotto however is the most popular of all the games. Players who want to participate in the ‘pick-the-number’ games can try it on either Wednesdays or Saturdays. The Daily Play takes place every day of the week with the exception of Sundays. Those who wish to have large jackpots, they can opt for the EuroMillion. It has a rolling jackpot, which covers every part of Europe.