Why Gambling is Positive

Gambling and online poker has been seen as such a bad thing to do for many years now. It is not allowed in so many countries around the world but what is the real reason? What are the main reasons why people are so against the game, lets take a closer look.

Personally I do not really gamble myself in any form as I have worked very hard to earn my cash, but there is a vast amount of people that do gamble and this is why it should not be made illegal. There are so many positives that can come out of gambling.

Firstly and most importantly gambling is another industry that employs people and pays wages and tax, by getting rid of gambling thousands of people could end up losing their jobs, income and homes. Just take a look at what happened in Russia recently for instance, The government has ordered the closure of all casinos and gambling halls Wednesday, consigning gambling to four special zones in far-flung regions in Russia, some of them several thousands of miles and half-a-dozen time zones away from Moscow. This has really hurt the economy and made thousands of people jobless.

Secondly almost every industry gambles but they just dont make it as obvious. I mean what is it you actually think you are doing when you phone up for these TV shows? This is probably of the easiest ways to gamble your money away, I mean the questions are so easy that everyone knows the answer to them. Such as "What colour is the sky? Then a huge volume of people ring the premium line and pay around £1.50 for the call, when its very unlikely that you will be chosen to win the prize.

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