Why Sports Betting is a lot Like Building a House

I know it sounds strange, but the skills needed to building your own house can be used to be successful with sports betting.It is important to have a well thought out plan, a solid foundation and the discipline and perseverance to overcome obstacles along the way.These are the traits that distinquish the losing sports bettors from the winning ones.Now let us have a look at each of the traits case by case. 

THE PLAN – Having a blueprint and action plan are usually the first steps that people take when they want to build a house.Details of the project are outlined to go over all of the details of who to hire, when work is to be completed and costs.This is a very important step to help define and guide the project to completion in a timely manner. 

This can be seen in sports betting as well.A well thought out plan is a must if you want to be successful.Choosing the games to wager on with no specific reason is just asking for trouble.You can drastically increase your chances of success by following a winning sports betting system month in and month out. 

THE FOUNDATION – Now the building process begins.So what’s the most critical step at this point? The foundation.This by far is the most important part of the project once the actual building has started.Let’s face it, if you foundation is done poorly then your house will crumble.Having a weak foundation limits your building options. 

So what does building a foundation have to do with sports betting? 

Your bankroll is your foundation and is the result of many sports betting down falls.Most are left broke with very little to build off of as they do not know how to manage their bankrolls.If you run out of money then you really can’t continue on.Make sure you learn to protect your bankroll so that you may continue on your journey of sports betting success. 

DISCIPLINE & PERSERVERANCE – Whenever I buy something that says “Assembly Required”, I cringe at the thought.The task that should take only 10 minutes winds up taking me over two hours.How often have you seen tasks taking much longer than anticipated, busted budgets and missed deadlines? These types of things happen all of the time when building a house and need to be included as part of the original game plan.Overcoming these obstacles is very important to ensure project completion and any good project manager is aware of this. 

So what does this really have to do with being a successful sports bettor? 

The realities are that you will not win all of the time even if you are following a winning sports betting system.It’s virtually impossible to win every game and anyone that says that they can is simply lying to you.It is impossible to avoid losing streaks and losses once in awhile, but by sticking to a proven system you should experience sports betting success in the long run.What happens to most, is that during the losing streaks they quit or increase their bets to try to make up for the losses.Taking these steps will eliminate your budget very quickly.The key is to stay disciplined through the down streaks and stick to the plan.These losing streaks are all part of this sports betting roller coaster ride. 

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