Without Buying UK Lottery Tickets You Cannot Win The UK Lottery

If you receive an email in your bulk folder stating that a UK based lottery operator is informing you that you are the winner of the UK lottery and that too without having bought any UK lottery tickets, then it is best to delete such mails without replying to them. These kinds of emails are to be ignored even if they urgently request you to reply to the sender in order to get your winning amount transferred to your account. The simple truth is that these mails are scams and are dangerous as well.

Genuine UK lottery operators do not send such mails and if you have ever bought UK lottery tickets from a genuine operator you will know that they never act in such a manner. It is therefore necessary to learn to distinguish a genuine notification of winning from those that are scams. Fortunately, scamsters are careless and will leave a few telltale signs that you should know about so that you can reduce the risk of being duped by them.

The simplest sign that an email is a fraudulent one is that you cannot win if you have never bought, for example, UK lottery tickets and so without entering into such a lottery, the question of winning does not even arise. Unfortunately, too many of us fall prey to the lure of getting easy money and so they respond to these fraudulent mails and end up sorrier for the experience.

You can also make out a fraudulent email from a genuine one by noticing that the former try and introduce an element of secrecy into their dealings. Genuine lottery operators are open in their dealings which are always above board and transparent.

So be careful that you do not fall into the secrecy trap and divulge your personal information which will be stolen and then used for illegal means.

A genuine UK lottery does not have any claims agents and so when somebody claims to be an agent of a UK lottery operator, you should understand that they are trying to deceive you.

Finally, it is important to take a close look at the language being used in scam emails. Such emails will use terms such as Lottery Sweepstake and Winning Notification which are giveaways that the email is a scam. So, if your email contains such terms be sure to delete the email and not try and respond to the sender.