You Cannot Bluff Me

When you are playing poker, being able to master the bluff is probably the most important part of the game. Without effectively mastering the bluff you will be unable to win a game over your challenger, merely because the more superior player will advance.


Even if you can call a bluff you have to be able to call a bluff well because professional players can always tell when you are lying. So let’s have a look at a few helpful tips that will assist you along the way.


The Eyes

The eyes are forever the first giveaway in a poker game, if you are trying to call a bluff you need to look at your opponents mysterious in the eye so that they acknowledge you are not scared and that you are surefooted with the cards that you have.


The Voice

You know when people are lying simply because they are too joyful or they are ever so quiet, you should keep a regular voice throughout the game other wise people will be about to tell when you are trying to bluff them.


Body Movements

This is one thing that you can forever tell that gives it away and that is body movement; you can forever tell when somebody is bluffing simply because they begin to get all antsy and do not really know what they are doing. So constantly look for the slightest out of place body movement in your opponent.


There are many more tips to look out for when playing a game of poker, one all-important thing is that you should constantly think of that you need to stay the same, you should finish off a game like you started it and not try and alter your character.


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